DishNetwork’s The Hopper


DISH Network’s the Hopper is the most advanced, critically acclaimed whole-home HD DVR available today. No other DVR gives you the power to watch all your live and previously recorded shows anywhere and without commercials.

With the Hopper you get full DVR functionality on every TV in your house, so you can record, rewind and even pause live TV in every room. In addition, your DVR library can be accessed from any TV so you can begin watching a program in the living room, pause, move to the kitchen, and resume your show. Record in whatever room is most convenient, and watch everywhere!

Record up to 6 HD Shows at Once

The DISH Network Hopper allows you to record up to six live HD channels simultaneously while streaming four HD programs to different TVs in your home at the same time. You can watch more of the sports, movies and top-rated TV shows that you love without having to miss a thing!

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